Safe & Efficient School Bus Management

Enhance student safety, streamline bus communication, and manage routes at the touch of a button

Illustration of students getting off of a school bus.
Stay updated about the bus location
get live updates in case of bus delay
track the bus even if the child has forgotten the id card

Who We’re Partnering With

We collaborate with educators, bus companies and parents to ensure kids reach school and back home safely.

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Establish the same level of safety, communication, and timeliness for your school buses like you have created for the school premises

“Our parents are very happy with the Chakraview app. The system is dynamic such that in case there is a change in the assigned bus, parents can still track the route.
The team gives ample technical support to the bus staff by training them with the modalities and is always ready to make changes as per need. We wish Chakraview the very best!”
Dr. Pramila Kudva
Principal, Pawar Public School
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Real time GPS and transportation updates that bring you peace of mind

"Chakraview has been really helpful in planning my child's morning routine. The app along with notifications are accurate and really useful, especially on days the bus is delayed either to or from school”

Ishani Patnaik
Parent, Bai A F Petit Girls High School

"Chakraview has been really helpful in planning my child's morning schedule. At first mornings in our house were very chaotic so that we don't miss the bus. Bus thanks to Chakraview app we can now track the live location of the bus and plan accordingly. The app is easy to use and very convenient for parents to track the bus location for both pick up as well as drop"

Gauri Kumar
Parent, Pawar Public School
Illustration, group of parents and children at bus stop.
Illustration of happy children, happy driver

Bus Operators

Collaborate with bus operators to plan, track, and update routes while enhancing the driver experience through turn by turn navigation and seamless driver scheduling.

“Having a solution like Chakraview simplifies the communication between bus operators and parents as well as enhances the safety of children”
Anil Garg
President, School Bus Owners Association (SBOA), Maharashtra
Screenshot of chakraview Web Platform Live Bus Tracker.

Real-Time Bus Tracking

Stay updated about the location of your fleet at all times

Screenshot of chakraview Web Platform Route Builder.

Optimize Your Routes

Build the most efficient routes possible at just the touch of a button

Screenshot of chakraview Web Platform Route Builder.
Screenshot of chakraview Web Platform Route Builder.

Variety of options for marking attendance of children

Attendant can keep a record of children in the bus by using manual checkbox in the app or swiping the NFC / barcode of children

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